A sample image of data collected from Amazon US, UK, DE
Product data example

Access the Internet like your database

You make the decisions, we get the data

Focus on your expertise and decision-making not data sourcing

You know your job, how to make your company money with good data-driven decisions, but you lack the data. Sourcing data reliably and at scale is complex and expensive. Bold Data has decades of experience in data mining and solved the problem for you. We provide the data you need so you can focus on your job. We help companies with competitiveness data, pricing data, historical data, sales data, product data and anything else you can find on the Internet.

We already have large datasets and adding new ones all the time. We can make them available in many ways, e.g., via APIs, as databases or as files in various formats, whatever makes your job easier. We work across the data sourcing, transformation, analytics and decision process with decision-makers, analysts, data engineers, data scientists and other roles depending on the needs of our customers.

Get in touch now. Let us know what problem you are working on and what data you need so we can help you make good decisions as soon as possible.