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Making decisions without good data is stressful and imperfect.  We help to set competitive prices to maximise revenue, reduce inventory to control capital costs without losing sales, forecast demand for peak periods like Black Friday, build machine learning models to manage risk, identify broad market changes ahead of competitors, predict depreciation and prices, and much more

Available options are expensive, complex and unsuitable. No more web crawling, data scraping, buying and wrangling overpriced, poor quality data, or relying on gut feeling.

Bold Data improves decisions to increase revenue, save costs, and reduce risks. We provide timely, accessible, affordable, reliable, high-quality data and analytics. Draw from a vast data and insights store to do your job better than before.

Product data example

100s of millions of Amazon products and attributes
Amazon Product Data for US, UK, Germany, ...

Analyse and compare by category, ranking, price, availability, brand, and much more. Solve your challenge with data for Excel, APIs for software or specific analytics straight to the answer. No more scraping, crawling and arduous data wrangling.
  • 3,000,000,000+
  • 250,000,000+
  • 100,000+
  • Unlimited
    Websites, Industries, Countries, and Possibilities

Huge datasets with billions of datapoints are available
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