You make the decisions, we do the analytics

Focus on your expertise and decision-making not the analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence

You know your job, how to make your company money with good data-driven decisions, but you lack the data and the analysis. Sourcing and analysing data reliably and at scale is complex and expensive. Bold Data has decades of experience in analytics, including business intelligence, machine learning and artificial intelligence. We help companies explore the business problem from a data-driven decision viewpoint, identify data sources, prepare the data, and create insightful analytics to guide decisions.

We can collect and process enormous datasets for you in our cloud computing facilities to make them digestible with analysis and visualisation tools. We can create sophisticated machine learning models to solve problems like forecasting demand or predicting prices. We work across the data sourcing, transformation, analytics and decision process with decision-makers, analysts, data engineers, machine learning engineers, data scientists and other roles depending on the needs of our customers.

Get in touch now. Let us know what problem you are working on so we can help you with data and analytics that optimise the outcome of your decisions to increase revenue, lower cost or reduce risk.

Example: Amazon.com bestseller categories network graph analysis

Network graph analysis of Amazon.com top-level categories

Network graph analysis of Amazon.com top-level categories. Aggregated from 42,795 categories top 100 consisting of 3,367,975 bestsellers made up of 2,090,907 unique products. The thickness of a link shows how many bestsellers sold across two top-level categories. The colour (blue to red) and size of a label show how central, i.e. connected a category is. For example, there is a strong connection between the books, digital-texts and audible categories, or between sporting-goods and fashion. (Based on data collected in early May 2022.)

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