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      Christian Prokopp, PhD, Bold Data Founder

      Christian Prokopp, PhD

      Founder of Bold Data Ltd

      Christian Prokopp has decades of experience in Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, Software, Engineering and Cloud Computing. He built data cloud platforms and teams in global corporations and startups. Christian was fortunate enough to be part of startup exits to Google and Teradata. He experienced both the need for data and the challenges of large-scale data mining. 

      Christian built a highly efficient scale-out data-mining operation in the early days of the public cloud leveraging technologies that would eventually become standards in the industry. The solution outperformed commercially available alternatives in speed, cost and accuracy. His experience led to him working as a technology leader in big data consulting with various industries, which gave him a unique insight into organisations' data needs, from financial services to retail to manufacturing and beyond. 

      Most recently, before Bold Data, Christian joined Holland & Barret and built its data platform and analytics teams. Here he once again encountered the need for data for supply chain optimisation, pricing, category analysis, forecasting, marketing, and more. He was dissatisfied with the slow development in the industry over the last decade. Services are stuck in providing simple crawling and scraping services, proxies, or pricey curated datasets. Moreover, the cost of these approaches is not competitive with more imaginative approaches to the problem.

      Christian decided to found Bold Data to solve the problem of turning the public data on the Internet into accessible, reliable, cost-effective datasets and analytics for companies to make better data-driven decisions. Imagine you could tap into the data of the Internet as easily as a file, database or API, or ask analytics questions from it. That is Bold Data.

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