Google Unveils "Google Bard", its Answer to ChatGPT

By Christian Prokopp on 2023-02-07

The Battle of the AI Chatbots Begins: Google's Bard Takes on ChatGPT.

Bard player

Google announced the release of its latest conversational AI tool, "Bard." The new AI chatbot, designed to compete with the hyped ChatGPT, will be made available to "trusted testers" before being released to the public in the coming weeks. The company has also revealed plans to add new AI-powered features to Google search.

Google's First Public-Facing Conversational Chat Product

This is Google's first release of a public-facing conversational chat product, and it is clear that the company's decision to do so directly responds to the success of ChatGPT, the AI conversation tool created by OpenAI. ChatGPT quickly gained 100 million users just two months after its launch and has caused immense pressure on Google to showcase its AI technology. Google CEO Sundar Pichai acknowledged this in a recent blog post: "AI is the most profound technology we are working on today."

Bard's Capabilities and Potential Risks

Bard seeks to combine the world's knowledge with the intelligence and creativity of Google's large language models. This means it can explain complex information, give recipe ideas based on what's in your fridge, compare Oscar-nominated movies, and more. However, with the release of new technology comes potential downsides, and experts have warned of the potential harm conversational AI tools may cause if left unchecked. Pichai acknowledged these worries, saying, "It's critical that we bring experiences rooted in these models to the world in a bold and responsible way."

Google's first touchpoint with its conversational AI technology will be its search features that "distill complex information and multiple perspectives into easy-to-digest formats." The company's new AI tool will provide nuanced responses, such as when searching for "is the piano or guitar easier to learn, and how much practice does each need?" Google has yet to reveal the full extent of its AI capabilities, but it is clear that the company is stepping up to the challenge set by ChatGPT.

Christian Prokopp, PhD, is an experienced data and AI advisor and founder who has worked with Cloud Computing, Data and AI for decades, from hands-on engineering in startups to senior executive positions in global corporations. You can contact him at for inquiries.