A poem about Data

By Christian Prokopp on 2022-12-05

Data is the root of all my worries ...

A humanoid robot staring into the distance

Data is the root of all my worries A complex system of numbers and hurry It holds the secrets to success A source of knowledge, so I confess

Data can make or break a business A tool to measure what’s true, or a mess It can offer insights and trends Or simply lead to dead ends

Data can be a blessing or a curse It can fill us with joy or make us feel worse It can help us make informed decisions Or add unnecessary revisions

Data can be a powerful tool It can help us reach our goals We must use it wisely and with care It’s an asset that we must share

Poem generated using GPT-3 🤖

Image generated using DALL·E 🤖

Christian Prokopp, PhD, is an experienced data and AI advisor and founder who has worked with Cloud Computing, Data and AI for decades, from hands-on engineering in startups to senior executive positions in global corporations. You can contact him at christian@bolddata.biz for inquiries.